Featuring: Chocolate Mousse Crunch Cake

I recently found a food blog with some very yummy looking food!  There are sooo many recipes that I want to try.  It's called Our Best Bites.  You probably already know about it and have already been salivating over all of the delicious food they are making.  If not, it's definately one that I would recommend taking a look at.

For Father's Day I thought I'd try this recipe for Chocolate Mousse Crunch Cake
 Doesn't it look absolutely heavenly? 
(picture from Our Best Bites)
How could I resist this?

The directions were excellent and it went together pretty well for my first time making it.  I used dark chocolate chips because that's what my hubby likes and afterall it was made in his honor, right?  I wasn't sure how much of the ganache to spread on the top so I just kept spreading it on.  It was probably more than I should have, but it ended up tasting really good!  This cake is at the top of the list of our families favorites. 

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