Celebrating One Year of Blogging!

It's hard to believe, but Today's Fabulous Finds is one year old today!  

One year ago today I made the decision to click on the little box to make this blog public for all to see. Boy, was I ever nervous! My heart was racing as I wondered if I was ready, if I knew enough about computers to figure out what I needed to know, and most of all, if anyone would even be interested in what I had to share.  (That was a big one.)

I was in unfamiliar territory and had little knowledge about writing a blog, very little.   It's probably good that I was so naive at first or I don't know if I would have had the courage to do it.  Over the last year I've learned so much. Google searches provided me with an answer to almost every question that I had. I learned how to make my own header, what a gadget was, and I even learned what an HTML code is.  Like I said, I really didn't know much!   Every single day I continue to learn something new.  This is one of the biggest reasons why I love blogging.  Another huge reason would be how great it feels to have a way to share with others and also to promote others creative ideas.

Over the past year, Today's Fabulous Finds has had a few different looks, wanna see?  There were a couple others at the first, but I'm too embarrassed to show them to you. :)

Past and Present Header Designs

It's crazy to think that over the last year, this blog has had over 500,000 page views.  Are you curious what people were looking at?  Ya, probably not so much, but I was. :)
All-time Top 10 Posts

The paint stick ornaments post has been in my top 10 (of the week) over on the sidebar since the day I posted them.  They never dropped out once, not even during the summer months.  This post alone has been viewed over 25,000 times, so I expect there may be a few of them hanging from Christmas trees this Christmas, which is so exciting to me! 

I took a chance with this one, declaring that I wanted to bring back the 90's bubble wreath, lol!  I don't know, but I think we did it. ;)  Thanks for your help! 

This print is one of my favorites.  It's the first time that I added a color accent.

As a stay at home mom, blogging has been a wonderful way to continue learning and a fun hobby to keep me busy. Wow, has it kept me busy! I had no idea.   I also didn't realize that I could actually make friends through blogging or that I'd have so many opportunities to get to know women with similar interests from all around the world. What an amazing opportunity this has been!

Thanks to those of you who have left me kind and encouraging comments or have featured one of my projects, they made my day! 

I apologize that I don't have any wonderful, huge giveaways for you today, that would have been nice I know.   What I do have for you though is my great appreciation for making this such a positive and fun experience. :)  I look forward to seeing what's coming ahead!

Thank you for reading Today's Fabulous Finds!   

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Tina said...

Congrats! I do love your blog so much! I hope to make some paint stick ornaments myself!

Rebecca said...

Congratulations on 1 year! You truly have "fabulous" ideas. Thanks for all the time you take to share them with us.

Laura said...

Thanks to you too, Janet! You've shared so many great ideas - and they're usually something I can do and afford. Here's to another wonderful year!

sema said...

I am one of your newest followers.You subway art was an inspiration to create my free printable success tips print today.It is my first attempt at subway art.You have a great blog and am looking forward to checking out your posts.

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!!!!!!!! How exciting. Love, love, love your blog. Here's to MANY more years.

Beth said...

Happy Birthday!

I LOVE your blog, especially the Subway art. I think I am going to make some square pumpkins this weekend!!

Giggles and Grins said...

Happy blogiversary! I love your subway art so much. The Valentine's And St. Patrick's day ones are my favorite of any subway art I have ever sen anywhere! Thanks so much for sharing them!

Liliana W said...

Congrats to you! Your blog is fab! I love the subway art and the Xmas tree ornaments!! Thanks :)

Lynette said...

Happy blog birthday! I wish I was as clever as you are. It is amazing to see the things you come up with. Can't wait to see what comes next. :)

June Scott said...

Congrats on one year, Janet! (insert loud clapping, whistling and general carrying on here) I always look forward to your subway art and have many of your other projects tagged as "to dos"! Best wishes for another great year!

lynn said...

i so enjoy visiting and learning from you, janet! congrats on your hugely successful accomplishments, in just 1 yr!!

Karen said...

congrats Janet! Your blog is awesome and I look forward to reading your posts:) Hope your next year is fabulous!

BKWilliams said...

Love your blog! Congratulations on your first year. I am looking forward to all your posts for years to come.


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