Featuring: Fall Trees

Are you scrambling to make your last minute preparations for Thanksgiving?  Maybe you're wishing you had a little something special to set out that was quick and easy to put together, yet would still make a big impression.  If you are, then go take a walk in your yard, you might just get inspired!  Erin at Crafts and Sutch found inspiration and created this fun Fall Tree.

Here's what I find fabulous about her fall tree
It's pretty.
{love the bead accents}

It's not expensive.
{branches are free!}
It would make a nice (last minute) table centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner.
{my kids could make it}
 When I was done with it, I wouldn't have to find a place to store it!   
{just throw the branch away and cut a new one next year}
It could be used as a "Thankful Tree".
{as a family you could write the things you are thankful for onto paper leaves and attatch them to the branch}
My thanks to Erin at Crafts and Sutch for allowing me to pass on her fabulous idea to you today!
Today's Fabulous Find...Falls Trees! 

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1 comment:

Erin @ Crafts and Sutch said...

You are so sweet, Janet! I appreciate you! I hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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