'This' Chandelier Story--A Before and After

For years I've been looking at this (yep, it's dusty)...

Not sitting on my table of course, but hanging above it. ;) 
...and for years it has bothered me, made me feel like this inside...

...until one day I saw this...

...which got me excited and motivated me to do this...

...and then this..

...which resulted in this...

 ...which I love and makes me feel like this! 

The End

The rest of the story:  I knew that I wanted to paint the chandelier, but kept putting it off.  After reading about how to spray paint it, I was nervous that I would make it look worse than before, if that's possible.  It turns out that it isn't hard at all if you follow the steps and find a way to be patient in-between coats.
These are the steps I followed:
1.  Wash the light fixture well.
2.  Spray 2-3 light coats of primer.  Allowing it to completely dry in-between coats.
3.  Spray several light coats of paint.  Mine took 4 coats of oil rubbed bronze Rustoleum spray paint to cover it.  Let it dry completely in-between coats.  (Tip:  If you are impatient and have a hard time waiting to spray the next coat on, try working on two projects at once.  I  actually had 3 projects I was working on at the same time, two involved spray paint.   This kept me busy so I  wasn't tempted to spray on the next coat before it was completely dry.)

I also painted the other two fixtures in my kitchen.

 A piece of cardboard will hold the screws so you can paint the part that can be seen.

I feel like I got three new light fixtures, all for under $8.  If you have a light fixture you're not happy with, I'd definitely recommend painting it.  It can make such a big difference for such a little cost.

Today's Fabulous Find...Spray Painted Light Fixtures

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Erica {B is for Boy} said...

I've given you an award. Check out this post: http://bisforboycreations.blogspot.com/2010/11/my-first-award.html
Happy Tuesday!

Lynette said...

I LOVE your new light fixtures. Very cute. Can't wait to see your kitchen. :)

Radiomom said...

HOLY COW!! I have the EXACT SAME light fixture over my dining room table....and like you--I HATE it.

I am soooo grabbing the spraypaint!

Sue said...

I love it! Do you actually spray paint the cord that goes through the chain? I would think it would eventually "peel" off. Have you had any problems with that?
Have a great day!

Janet said...

I just went and looked at the cord and the paint isn't peeling at all. The only problem that I had was with the chain, when I hung it back up. The paint wasn't totally try and the chain twisted up some and scratched the paint up a bit. The paint on the light fixture still looks perfect, I'm still so glad that I painted it.


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