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Featuring: Magnet Funny Faces

Fawnda at Fireflies and Jellybeans made the cutest Magnet Funny Face.  I love it and plan on making one for each of my two youngest.  Like she suggests, you could put it on the fridge to keep your kids busy while you are preparing dinner, or for in the car, great ideas.  

Fawnda gathered the face parts through a Google search.  When I gave it a try, I found that the best way to search for each part of the face is to Google them individually, for example, 'eye clipart', 'nose clipart', etc, and then select images.  This site,, will give you a head start.  When you open the main menu, look to the upper left under Photo Decorations.

 For a tutorial on how you can make one of these adorable faces too, go visit Fireflies and Jellybeans!
Thank you Fawnda for allowing me to feature your fun idea!

Today's Fabulous Find:  Magnet Funny Faces

I also want to thank House of Hepworths for featuring my Wicked Witch of the West Cookies earlier this week here.  Thank you!

Have a fun weekend! 

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